Fall Campaign

Meet Elisha

It was freezing cold when I left. They were the third family who couldn’t understand the pain I felt. I was nervous, scared and alone. Unseen…Unheard…Unwanted. I missed my father. A man that drank. A man that yelled. A man that hurt me. Why did I miss him? I didn’t know.

With my caseworker and my garbage bag of my belongings in hand, I walked up to a big brick building. It was Whaley, my fourth place in two years.

The staff smiled. They told me what life at Whaley’s would be like. It sounded nice, but so did my last three places. All I wanted was a mommy to hug me. A daddy to tuck me in every night. Too bad I didn’t deserve it.

As they took me to my room, they began to ask me unfamiliar questions. What did I like to eat? When was my birthday? How did I like to celebrate it? I didn’t know how to answer those questions. I had never been asked before.

The first days were scary. Everyone seemed so nice. But why? No one liked a girl like me.

Soon I learned that I could be loved. People did care. People did want me. One staff member even took the time to show me how to ride a bike. A dream I was too afraid to ask my father for.

With the passing days I began to realize that Whaley wasn’t just another placement. It was a place of safety, filled with love and belonging…it was a home. I was safe. I was happy. Finally I had hope! My past will not define my future.

Elisha and 90 other children found a home in Whaley Children’s Center last year. All of whom were scared and unsure of what their future would bring. Again, we turn to you. Please help us provide the safety, love and sense of belonging that each and every one of our children deserves. With your tax- deductible donation we will provide all of our children a place to call home. A place filled with love, birthday parties, and celebrations. A new home filled with hope, not pain.

Please give generously to our fall campaign. Through your financial contributions, we can continue transforming lives and creating futures for hundreds of children and families throughout the state of Michigan each year. At Whaley Children’s Center, hope lives here.


Instead of a one time donation, would you consider a monthly gift?

$25 helps celebrate a child’s birthday.
$50 helps a child take music lessons for one semester.
$75 helps give on child transportation to family and doctor visits for one month.
$100 helps a child experience extra-curricular activities for one semester.


Give a gift today!