Oooh, look! A present! This is new…and I’m not complaining. A new backpack for school with notebooks, pens and stuff. That’s pretty cool. A new outfit…sweet. New blankets and pillows…nice. A coloring book? Meh…that’s for little kids…but I’ll take it anyway.

And now it’s time to talk to these new people I’ll be staying with. They seem pretty nice, but I don’t really care because I know I won’t be here very long. Tomorrow is Christmas, so I say I’m not here a few weeks after New Year’s.

After I answer a ton of questions that don’t even matter, they’re driving me to my new house. It’s not at the big building. It’s called Optimist. On the car ride there, they are asking me questions like what my favorite food is and what I like to do for fun. Why do they want to know? They are obviously never going to make chicken enchiladas, and I am definitely never going fishing.

I look around the house. Seems nice. Almost too nice. I have my own room, which is really nice. The last places I stayed at, I was stuck with other kids. The last place I couldn’t stand because I had to share with a 7 year-old who was always in my stuff and wiping his snot everywhere. At least here, I can keep my things to myself and not worry about anyone being in my business or messin’ with my stuff.

Kitchen seems clean, too. When no one’s looking, I sneak a peak in the fridge. Really surprised that the shelves ware full. And, the leftovers actually look pretty decent. The family room has a huge flat screen TV and there are tons of DVDs lined up against the wall. This place actually doesn’t seem so bad.

All these cheesy, inspirational signs are annoying though. There’s no reason to feel blessed or hopeful. Or that one about being proud of who I am. Hah…are you kidding me?! That’s bullsh*t.

Finally…a chance to relax. I’m glad I am in my new room and away from all the other people. I just need them to leave me alone for a second. I’m stressed. And mad. But, for now, I’ve stopped moving and I don’t need to think.